-The perfect workplace
-Plant –Weed –Harvest


Drängen can be built for 1-5 person per machine

Efficiency: A person who is lying on Drängen can perform as much work as 3-4 people normally do when they have to crawl or bend. The capacity increase is achieved through not having to pause and rest the body and both hands can work uninterrupted. When creeping the body consumes a lot of energy as you creep or bend down and keeps the body in an uncomfortable position. When you are working lying on the Drängen you do not get tired which allows you to focus entirely on the work to be done and look forward to the next shift.
A 3-person Drängen machine can accomplish the same work as approximately 9 people.

Planting, approximately 1200 plants / hour

When planting you can place the plant exactly where you want it and at the right depth. This means that each plant gets the best growing conditions. A person lying on Drängen can plant approximately 1200 plants per hour

Weed with hacking

When weeding your body is in the perfect position so that you can see even the small weeds growing in between the plants and can effectively remove them.

Weed with a Lucko in each hand.

The brushes are hydraulic so just drive the rotating brushes between the plants. Works best on small weeds. At the same time, you also loosen the soil.

When weeding with the Lucko you also add oxygen to the plant!

Large plantations, no problem, -Add more Drängen machines!

Drängen get workers to thrive, thereby you create a sense of security because you have a group of trained workers to rely on throughout the season.

The better we can take care of the plant, the better
harvest we get!

One person lying on Drängen can pick as much as 3 people crawling.

Harvesting for example strawberries are very effective. Hands are constantly working at the right height, and never gets tired. One sees the berries easily in line. It avoids stepping on plants and scramble in the leaves.

Bundling of onion

Box holders for planting / harvest has many options. They can easily be adapted to the person and crop.

Harvesting strawberries

The box holder can be placed in the desired location next to the person who works.

Harvest of lettuce with conveyor belt

Cutting the lettuce is easy and fast when you just send them on to the conveyor belt to the next colleague who completes and put the lettuce in a box.

Harvesting of Vasteras cucumber with conveyor belt

Picking capacity Vasteras cucumbers approximately 250-300 kg / hour and person.

When harvesting cucumber or zucchini you can use a conveyor belt that transports the crop to a trailer with a big box or a package person on, pulled after Drängen. Your body is floating over the crop and you do not risk steeping on the cucumber. It saves your back and arms by getting the rather heavy cucumbers transported directly to the box instead of being carried. The box can then be lifted off by a tractor.

The cucumbers are tipped out automatically.

The carriage is easily pulled by Drängen.

Chin pillow and forehead support

The width between the shoulders can be adjusted easily with a few simple moves. On to that  you also place the chin pillow which can be moved as desired. The forehead support can be adjusted up and down. All adjustments are steeples to find the best setting for everyone.

Foot pedals

Steering is done with the feet. A light pressure with your right or left foot and the machine turns directly. To go backwards used the heel, super easy! The drive is infinitely variable and the engine runs at the lowest lap while driving.

Roof for Drängen

Fold-up roof for protection from sun and rain. Easy to remove for transport or adapt to the number of laying units.

Height adjustment

If you want to change the working height, you just lift up Drängen and select a new location in the hole series on the frame, up or down

Additional laying down units

You can expand your Drängen with up to 5 laying down units per machine.


Trailer for one to five persons Drängen machines. Used for smooth movement between fields.

Technical information:

Drängen constant 4x4 wheel drive
5.5 HP petrol engine
Hydrostatic drive, speed 0-4 km / h
Ground clearance 15-50 cm
Variable gauge standard 90-170 cm
Tires Standard 15 x 8.5 = approximately 20 cm wide
4 x hydraulic motors, one motor in each wheel
2 hydraulic pumps
Joysticks for pedestrian movement

Additional equipment:

Extra pump for driving external hydraulic
Hydraulic control gauge
Box holder
Handheld weedbrushes
Extra laying unit
Extension beams

Comments from the field

Söderviddinge Gård AB, Kävlinge
We grow on beds. With Drängen, we have created good working conditions for our employees, which can easily perform the work day after day. We have 4 pieces of Drängen machines today and see a future with more.

Runo Johansson 68 years old, Gotland
As an old farmer, and 25 years with the same Drängen mashine,  I am surprised with not having any problems in my back or legs.
-I Can probably thank Drängen for that!

An American grower
"My favorite activity is weeding in the rain. When it´s wet, I can work in places in the field where I can´t walk and the weeds just slip right out of the soil"
J. S. Wisconsin Drängen owner