Mats Andersson, CEO, Farmer & inventor

I love farming!

In whole my life I have been working with farming, it's the best thing I know. To produce good, healthy food for humans and animals, ecological and on mother nature’s own terms.
From my work the need for good equipment to help in the farming was born. I often had to rely on help from my family and friends to do all the handwork with weeding and harvesting. It is said that "laziness is the inventor's mother," so when the family got tired, I still needed help! Then the “Drängen” was born. A machine that you lie down on and run and steer with your feet so that you get your hands free to work with. On Drängen I can work all day without getting tired. I mean, who has heard of a bed tester at IKEA would be worn out?
Since I needed to have a flexible "tractor" with low ground pressure, small and convenient. I made a MacTrac, a multifunctional tractor. To be able to perform different farm work I also made a variety of farming equipment to fit the MacTrac.  Seeders, cultivators, mowers, plow, digging equipment and forestry trailer with crane and much more!
MacTrac with forestry trailer is smooth and fantastic in the forest. To get the timber out with minimum damage on the ground or just a windfall and single trees, you can easily do that without being forced to cut down trees to make a way in and out. The machine strears nicely between the trees and thanks to its 4-wheel on both thet ractor & trailer, you can drive almost anywhere.
For my everyday car I drive a Toyota pick-up and realized that it is much nicer to sit in it that and plow the snow compared with a diesel-guzzling large tractor. So then I made the snowplowing blade King Bore. Snow plowing is now a pleasure!

-Mats Andersson

Big farming no problem!

Bring chopped the door.

I want more snow!