King Bore is a light snow blade for pick-up cars, which does not affect the driving characteristics of the car. King Bore has been developed in a close co-operation with Toyota, to handle approved axle loads and to avoid damage on car steering and wheel bearings.
King Bore is a concept designed for road care using pick-up cars. 

King Bore is the market's lightest snow blade with a total weight of only 100 kg. King Bore is constructed of a cavalcade of hightec material to handle the low weight with retained strength. Domex 700 is one of the market's hardest steels, allowing a steel thickness of only 3 mm. The blade is made of 9 pcs. 250 mm sections of impact resistant polyethylene which is a combination of hydrogen and carbon atoms. King Bore has reversible Hardox welded steel.

To access near for example A staircase you can lift the blade, drive forward, let it down and drive backwards. This way you scratch the snow from the stairs and then drive it aside.

You can easily maneuver the blade with the hydraulics to get access to the snow close to the house without any problems. Hand scoring decreases.

Memory-impaired Polyethylene

The material in the sheet sections is made of an impact resistant polyethylene that is memory-friendly which means it returns to its original shape.

High lift height

King Bore has high lift height, which helps you with snow removal.


King Bore is designed to keep your car's headlights unaffected even in transport mode. Therefore no additional lighting is required. Side marking posts have reflections to be easily alerted to encountering traffic.

Free view

From the driver's seat you have a clear view and can easily keep an eye on the edges of the blade.

Remote control

King Bore controls right / left / up / down with Swedish-developed wireless radio control. One of the buttons holds floating mode, which allows the blade to follow the ground. No cabling required in the cabin. All power is mounted in IP 65 rated enclosures.

Hydraulic Aggregate

King Bore has a 12V hydraulic assembly that is mounted underneath the spare tire.
The hydraulic oil is of so-called environmental oil that can be broken down by nature.

Hydraulic couplings

King Bore's hydraulics connect to the car using flat face quick couplings,
These are easy to keep clean when mounting the snow blade. The connections are spill free.


King Bore has a hydraulic shock triggering system (ChockX) that protects the blade and the car if too much load hits the blade. The blade springs upon impact due to the ChockX pistons attached to a pressure vessel.

Mounting and removal of King Bore, can be done by everyone!

Remove the locking pin when assembled.

Roll the blade towards the car, it steer itself up by simply pressing.

Connect the quick connectors.

You can easily roll the snow blade out onto the transport rollers when stored, if you have to do this by hand.

Car models that work with King Bore today:

Toyota Hilux

We have the framework for the Toyota Hilux model year 2006 to 2016.

Nissan Navarra

We have a framework for Nissan Navarra.


We have also installed King Bore on Isuzu.

Even in the old days you put plows on the car ... in this case on the cabriolette!

King Bore as a road scraper


This work is best done when there is some rain so the road is a little loose and moldable.

New scratched gravel road

With easy means, you can keep a gravel road in good condition with King Bore during the snow-free time of the year.